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Taiwan possesses premier location, superior high-tech industry productivity and innovation capabilities, unceasingly attracting the investors’ attentions around the world. Taiwan government consistently progresses in the investing and operating environment, in facets of industrial base, public infrastructure, investment incentives and so on, all of which reach advanced country level.

With entrepreneurship, modern business management experiences and capabilities, Taiwan quality personnel would be the most significant asset in an organization. To better the industrial relation and to strength labor human right, Taiwan government has enacted relative regulations to ensure the rights and interests of labors and of managements. The Taiwan R&D and innovation capabilities are highly praised; on the “R&D Strength” (defined as the ratio of GERD to GDP) area, the ratio of GERD to GDP in Taiwan reaches 2.9% in 2010; on the number of Approved Inventive Patents, Taiwan applied 8,243 cases in US, which ranked 5th in the world. Taiwan manufactures have been keeping tight partnership with brand manufactures in advanced countries and, through overseas investments, the global production network has been paved intensively and sound. With active small and medium-sized business and abundant entrepreneurship, the industrial clusters are well developed, forming the thorough supply chain supporting the product innovation commercialization.

The public constructions, such as utility supply, transportation, telecommunication etc, are approximate perfection. To satisfy all kinds of investing demands, Taiwan provides various choices for different industries like Free Trade Zone, Science Park, Industry Zone and Export Processing Zones etc. The Internet construction developed fast in Taiwan. As of the end of May 2012, the internet access rate reaches 75.44% and broadband users are up to 2.65 million; on “Broadband Penetration Rate Index”, Taiwan ranks 6th in the world among the 145 regions surveyed, behind only to Iceland, South Korea, Hong Kong, Holland and Denmark, surpassing Singapore and Japan.

To boost the investments in Taiwan, Taiwan governments provided various tax policies, such as the lowered corporate income tax rate from FY2010 and R&D credit for upgrading industries. Besides, considering Taiwan businesses have invested in China for a long time, once Taiwan enacts its Cross Strait cooperation policies, Taiwan would be the critical bridge to connect China and international markets and be the best partner for multinational enterprises to access China and global market.

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