Taiwan government has continuously implemented the deregulation policy to make the laws and regulations more stable and transparent than before. The laws and regulations for foreign investment have been amended according to international practices to liberalize investment activities and create a business environment which makes the valuable manufacturers stand out. Particularly, the government is promoting the “Global Net Project” to establish the cross-strait industrial cooperation platform, promote a more liberal system for Taiwan capitals, talents, products, and information, and attract foreign investors to participate in cross-strait projects. The cross-strait relation has been gradually improved, which helps develop a good business environment. Along with the deregulations and the increase of interest of Taiwan and overseas companies towards the mainland China’s market, it is evident that the financial services market for investment in China will be expanded, foreign companies can seize this business opportunity. It is expected that Taiwan and mainland China will develop towards a manner which is more integrated, foreign companies can actively include Taiwan in their business planning in the Asia-Pacific region. Finally, because of deregulation, business professionals and capitals can move more freely between different countries, which will reduce the transaction cost for cross-nation operations.

The English-language materials concerning laws and regulations under this heading, with the exception of those portions available via hyperlink to the various competent authorities, have been translated by the Department of Investment Services (DOIS, formerly known as the Industrial Development and Investment Center, IDIC) and are for reference only. In the event of any discrepancies between the English version and the Chinese text, the Chinese text provided by the competent authority shall govern.

Enterprises in Special Zones

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