Introduction of the Competition-2015

Recently due to the European debt crisis, the suspension of QE, and the disruption of financial obstacles, also the decrease of the growth of new economies and global economy, the Economic Growth Rate is merely 2.5%, which is the lowest in four years. It has affected the economic performance in Taiwan. In order to boost domestic economic growth,, the government has encouraged actively industry transformation and upgrade. Through the implementation of policies and encouraging startups, we put new thoughts and new models in industries, making “innovation” the key for industry transformation.

As the capital city of Taiwan, Taipei is intertwined with the country’s industries concerning economic development or metropolitan establishment, therefore the atmosphere of encouraging innovation is brewing in Taipei City. You can find measures to encourage startups in the strategies of boosting industry development, stimulating economic growth and local establishment.

In order to create a more friendly environment and help startups to run a long-lasting business, also attracts foreigners to come to Taiwan to realize their dreams, the Economic Development Department of Taipei City Government launched a project, 「Taipei  venture  advancement and marketing plan」, in 2013 and continued in 2014, to establish Taipei Entrepreneurial Services Office and provided all-in-one services in one station. Through this station, we answer any relevant questions about starting a new business, and provide the public professional consultants according to their needs. Meanwhile we also built a website, Taipei Entrepreneurial Resources website, to provide startups complete and various channels to access resources. We also had international entrepreneurial competitions to provide domestic startups a chance to step into the global stage.

Through continuing the implementation of 「Taipei  venture  advancement and marketing plan」we retain all the measures to assist startups, integrate government and non-government resources efficiently, boost the fire for startups in Taipei, and elevate the capital and resources that is offered to startups, giving them the assistance they mostly need.


Venturap- 2015 AP-OIP Summit

In respond to the rapid changes in global industry structures and economic environment, corporates have been making efforts to enhance industrial competitiveness by stimulating creativity and innovation, especially of the younger generation. However, young people also need the access to resources to develop their creativities and potentials to build their own businesses.

To encourage youths to implement their creativities at an early stage, and transform them into innovative products and businesses, the Taipei City Government held the Venturap- 2015 AP-OIP Summit, aiming to stimulate innovative thinking of domestic startups, and provide opportunities for interactions with international startup teams.

The two-day event consisted of Startup Exhibition and Pitch Day@Taipei competition. The exhibition attracted 117 exhibitors from 9 countries, including startup teams, accelerators, and incubators from France, Hong Kong, Korea, Japan, Indonesia, Vietnam, Malaysia, and Mainland China. On the other hand, during the competition, ten finalists presented on the spot, and the top three teams were selected and awarded by the judges. Also, two accelerators, MaGIC (Warren Leow) from Malaysia and muru-D (Joseph Ziegler) from Singapore, selected two teams respectively, who won the opportunities for receiving different trainings.



The Winners are as follows:


Company Name Awards
Viscovery First Prize
VoiceTube Second Prize
MaGIC Special Award
Ufro Inc. Third Prize
Phone Doctor Plus muru-D Special Award




This summit has successfully revealed the potential and passion of Taipei’s startups, provided local startups with international perspectives, and created a funding platform. The Taipei City Government will continue to play the key role in integrating various startup resources, aiming to provide one-sto