Taipei Int'l Startup Week

Facilitate the interaction between Taipei and global startup ecosystem, building Taipei up to the first choice for startups in Asia.


Taipei is regarded as a "Startup City," gathering top resources and entrepreneurial energy, making it the leading entrepreneurial capital in Taiwan. To build a solid foundation for startup teams, Taipei City Government promotes a variety of policies related to innovation and entrepreneurship and introduces international resources into various industries. It is committed to creating an entrepreneurial ecosystem that is suitable for startups and building Taipei City to be the first choice for entrepreneurs to start in Asia.

To drive entrepreneurship in Taipei and assist startups in connecting with the global stage. Taipei City Government hosts "2020 Taipei International Startup Week" with a series of activities including StartUP@Taipei Global Linkage Forum, StartUP@Taipei Demo Day, Taipei Prominent Enterprise Award, StartUP@Taipei Pavilion and Pop Up Asia. Through these events, we aim to stimulate more creativity and build a bridge for the local entrepreneurs to link up with global startup market.











11/17 StartUP@Taipei Global Linkage Forum

To help the startups grasp the key points to success, the cloud provider, VCs and AI medical authority from home and abroad are invited to StartUP@Taipei Global Linkage Forum to share the flexible responses and attitudes in the face of emerging work patterns…more


11/17 StartUP@Taipei Demo Day

6 startup teams with high development potential selected from the "Taipei Entrepreneur Training Program" will give presentations to the representatives from VCs and accelerators at home and abroad. The awarded teams will have the opportunity to receive follow-up counselling, hoping that it would give the most substantial investment to promote the success of startups…more


11/19 Taipei Prominent Enterprise Award

We hope through the establishment of Prominent Enterprise Awards to assist enterprises to show their innovation, competitiveness, market power, influence on the overall industry, economy and society, and impact on social responsibility.Total sixteen companies won the Prominent Enterprise Award or the Potential Enterprise Award this year…more


11/18-21 StartUP@Taipei Pavilion

more than 50 startup teams will be divided into 4 domains, including Health & Biotechnology Medical, Technology & Lifestyle, Innovative Products & Applications, Solution & Platform, and demonstrate their products and services. Through the exposition, visitors can not only experience the diverse innovation immediately but also have opportunities to know the startup trend and achievements in Taipei…more


11/19-22 POP UP ASIA

To demonstrate the diversity of Taipei's startups, 2020 Taipei International Startup Week cooperates with Pop Up Asia. It is the first handicraft trade fair dedicating to fostering creative dialogues among handicraft entrepreneurs, artisans, suppliers and organizers in Asia…more