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2020Taipei Int'l Startup Week 11/17 StartUP@Tiapei Global Linkage Forumtitle


At the beginning of 2020, COVID-19 spreads globally, not only changing the pace of work that people are used to but also demonstrating the importance of digital innovation and digital transformation in the face of the black swan. To help the startups grasp the key points to success, the cloud provider, VCs and AI medical authority from home and abroad are invited to StartUP@Taipei Global Linkage Forum to share the flexible responses and attitudes in the face of emerging work patterns. They will discuss the trends and applications of digital innovation and digital transformation from their perspectives and analyze how the startups use the advantages of cross-domain thinking to develop marketing strategies and expand international business opportunities.

Dates:2020/11/17 09:30-12:00
Venue:Syntrend Creative Park 5F, CLAPPER STUDIO(5F., No. 2, Sec. 3, Civic Blvd., Zhongzheng Dist., Taipei City)
Cost for participants:Free

Time Agenda Speaker
09:30-10:00 Registration
10:00-10:05 Opening
10:05-10:10 Remarks Chung-Chieh LIN(林崇傑), Commissioner
Department of Economic Development
Taipei City Government
10:10-10:30 How AWS Helps Startups Innovate & Grow Nicolas Vautier
Leader of Solutions Architecture, Taiwan
Amazon Web Services
10:30-10:50 Impact of the Digital Age: Are These Revolutionary times for the Startups? Volker Heistermann
Managing Director,Yushan Ventures 
10:50-11:10 Data is the Name of the Game Joseph Huang(黃立安)
Partner,Infinity Ventures
11:10-11:30 Digital Transformations in Hospitals: Challenges and Business Opportunities Chang-Fu, Kuo(郭昶甫)
Center for Artifical Intelligence in Medicine,
Chang Gung Memorial Hospital
11:35-12:00 Panel Discussion 
The Trends and Applications of Digital Innovation
Nicolas Vautier, Volker Heistermann, Joseph Huang(黃立安), Chang-Fu, Kuo(郭昶甫)



Nicolas Vautier is the Solutions Architecture leader for Amazon Web Services in Taiwan. He has a total of more than 20 years of experience of building trading system for a variety of banks and hedge funds in New York City and helping his customers with technology in New York City, Los Angeles, and Taipei City. Nico has made outstanding achievements in coaching companies on digital innovation and digital transformation. He will share "How AWS Helps Startups Innovate & Grow" in the forum.


Volker Heistermann has been in the field of mobile, wireless communications and innovation management for 15 years. Mr. Heistermann co-founded Yushan Ventures in Taiwan and introduced Startup Weekend and Startup Lab to Taiwan. Currently, he is a Venture Partner at the US$ 100M TPTF fund and an Advisor of APEC, launching APEC accelerators for Intel, Siemens and APEC and promoting multiple mergers and acquisitions in 21 countries. He will discuss the topic of "Impact of the Digital Age: Are These Revolutionary Times for the Startups?" in the forum to share the observations of Taiwan's startups in the field of digital transformation.


Joseph Huang is a managing partner at Infinity Ventures (IVP), with a total management capital of US$ 300M, focusing on the fields of AI, IOT, Internet technology, entertainment, and game content industry. He dabbles in seed rounds and A rounds of investment in the Internet, mobile industry, software, digital content and disruptive technology, and actively explores potential startups, leading famous investment cases such as M17 and Pinkoi. In the forum, Joseph will discuss the topic of "Data is the Name of the Game." From the perspective of data analysis, he will share how IVP evaluates their investment objects in the field of digital innovation.


Chang Gung Memorial Hospital invested NT$45 million to establish a medical artificial intelligence laboratory, with an annual research funding of NT$4 billion, making it a world-class AI medical center. Dr. Chang-Fu Kuo serves as the director of the laboratory and plays an essential role in promoting AI medical care for Chang Gung Memorial Hospital. He is committed to developing AI medical technology, assisting in image interpretation and improving the relationship between medical and patient care. AI technology is regarded as an important support for the development of smart health. Dr. Kuo will discuss the clinical application and development of AI under the theme of "Digital Transformations in Hospitals: Challenges and Business Opportunities" in the forum.