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Not Just the Hope of Taipei Citizens, but the Future of all People in Taiwan Taipei has always been the first choice to move to for people who are pursuing their dreams.

But only the Taipei people who live here can truly understand the sweet and sour of living here!

The questions, imaginations, and thoughts of Taipei people are all here.

To realize the vision of Taipei also needs the participation of all people.

Dear Taipei people, let us join in thinking and taking action to decide the future of Taipei in the next second!

Walking into the Taipei Expo, you will see the unique and rich Taipei style.

Starting from restoring the beauty of the natural environment, get on an aircraft to experience the efforts of the Leading City in "Sustainable Development".

Looking out from Taipei downtown, witness the value of "Urban Regeneration" in every inch of change and innovation.

Ride the Time Machine "Open Taipei" and freely write a new story here.

Get an admission ticket of "Inclusive Society", enjoy all-ages care from elderly couple to pet companions provided by Taipei.

In the environment that most support "Innovative Entrepreneurship", you can find a sense of achievement in happiness of realizing your dreams.

At the same time, enjoy the top-notch, interesting and convenient technology future brought by the "Smart City".

This is the beginning of our life, work, and dreams.

Taipei is in progress; we invite you to participate in creating the future along to us.

Taipei EXPO website: https://cityexpo.taipei/en